“I am not sure where to begin in speaking of Ashley – there is so much to say as to her abilities as a practitioner as well as a person. Ashley is competent, efficient, caring, kind, and compassionate – all the wonderful traits you want in a person who you work with over a number of weeks.

     "…Ashley was always ‘in tune’ with my symptoms and concerns. She would always focus on my main concerns on any given day as they may change from week to week. Primary way my immune system, stress, and energy levels. Ashley always ‘worked her miracles’ and I always felt better after each treatment. 

     "My sleep, stress, and energy levels all improved as well as just feeling calmer after each treatment. In addition, Ashley always made an effort to go the extra mile such as creating a list of medicine interactions with the long list of my medications. 

     "…I am extremely grateful that I was introduced to Ashley. She has made a big difference in my daily living in terms of dealing with my cancer symptoms. More importantly, she made me feel as if I was her most important patient. That is a gift!”


     “I have been fortunate to have met and been treated by Ashley Davis – what a wonder! Having issues with sciatica, stenosis, and residual discomfort from surgery, Ms. Davis is compassionate, introspective, warm, and knowledgeable in her treatment arsenal, an absolute pleasure and treasure. No regrets all positive. Thank you!!”



     “I was treated by Ashley multiple times at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine while she was an intern in the clinic. 

     "I always felt truly listened to and cared for while in her hands! She takes time to hear what’s going on with you that day and what all of your concerns are as well as takes time to ensure that you are comfortable through the entire treatment. I always left her table feeling more relaxed and at ease. She always had recommendations for me as I left and took time to personalize herbal formulas for me on multiple occasions so that I could take home some medicine. 

     "Ashley is such a genuine and caring practitioner and she instills a true sense of trust in her patients, where they know they are in the best of hands! I just wish that I lived closer to her new offices so I could see her regularly!”



     “Ashley is an amazing practitioner! She is kind, supportive, and a great listener. Her needling technique is precise and gentle. Every session I've had with her created noticeable relief for my symptoms, and left me with an overall feeling of peace and calm. I've worked with her on digestive issues, anxiety, stress, and muscle pain. And each time she has helped me immensely with acupuncture, moxibustion, and herbal formulas. 

     "She truly cares and wants the best for her patients. She listens and takes time to really understand your symptoms. She doesn't just stick needles in you and leave the room. She makes sure the treatment is working, and alters it when needed. And her knowledge of Chinese medicine is very very impressive. She truly is brilliant. I can't recommend her enough!!”



     “Ashley Davis is a compassionate, empathic, intuitive and knowledgeable practitioner. I have been receiving treatments from her on a weekly basis for the past six months. Ashley is so patient and warm, she makes me feel as if she is holding my hand through my journey to health. I have total confidence and trust in her and have recommended her to many people. My health issues are multilayered and Ashley said she will be with me every step of the way. This is so comforting when at times I have felt lost. Her treatments have helped tremendously with sleep and digestive disorders. I always feel calm when I leave the treatment room. She has worked on a deep level and I feel that true healing is happening. I couldn’t be more thankful for having crossed paths with Ashley Davis. She is a truly gifted practitioner.”


     “I am seeing Ashley for acupuncture treatments. I had full confidence in her knowledge and ability to treat my conditions, and she has exceed my expectations! Her passion to help fuels everything that she does, from being sensitive to my needs, so very caring, doing extra research, and being generous with her time. She is beautiful and funny. Ashley has done wonders for me and I am so grateful. I highly recommend her.”


     “I was very skeptical about trying acupuncture after not having any luck with MDs, chiropractors, osteopaths, or physical therapists. 

    " I came to Ms. Davis for my left rotator cuff and right piriformis muscles. I could barely lift my arms or carry anything heavier than 2 pounds. I started to regain function in my left arm after three treatments. Currently, I am almost pain free after the sixth treatment. I can lift more than 7 pounds and hope for even better results.

     "Ms. Davis’s treatments were not limited just to the pain in my left arm but she also addressed sleep, bladder fatigue, and a hearing problem that I suffered from. 

     "Ms. Davis is a delightful, vivacious, optimistic, competent and caring practitioner. Her healing capability is part and parcel of her personality. I highly recommend her .”


     “Ashley is a very fun and understanding practitioner. I went to her for sinusitis and chronic stress. With a single treatment, my symptoms improved and I felt more relaxed. ”



     “I have moderate to severe GI and skin autoimmune disorders. I have tried everything in the book. When I sat with Ashley, I knew immediately that she knew what she was doing and I had come to the right person. She answered every question I had, made me feel so comfortable about the acupuncture process, and guided me through how to tweak things in my life to get the most out of her treatments. I have seen drastic improvements in my skin, digestion, sleep, and overall wellbeing. I haven’t felt this good in years. 

     "I was nervous at first about acupuncture treatments, but I ended up feeling so relaxed and completely put all of my trust in Ashley. I always look forward to my treatments and spending time with her! It is such an amazing thing when you can trust and enjoy the healing process. How rare to find a practitioner like that! I have so much respect for her knowledge and her skills. I have recommended her to my family, friends, and co-workers. I can truly say my body has never felt better than it does now. I will continue to see her for acupuncture and look so forward to it!”


     “Ashley did a great job at targeting my neck pain. Gua sha was used to treat it. I began to feel relief during the first few minutes, and my pain went down from a 6 to a 1 by the end of one treatment. She explained everything very well, and checked in on my comfort level often. I enjoy her pleasant and healing attitude.”



     “Ashley has been instrumental in helping manage my chronic neck and shoulder pain, to the point that it is now at a manageable level. I highly recommend this competent and compassionate acupuncturist.”


     "Before I met with Ashley for the first time, my shoulder was continually stiff and sore. I had limited mobility with it, and it was painful just putting on a shirt or coat. After my first treatment, the pain was almost completely gone and mobility was greatly increased. I’m going to continue to see her as needed to maintain the relief that I’ve experienced from her treatments. 

     "Ashley was very knowledgeable and proficient in her diagnosis of my problem and how to treat it.  She speaks with confidence concerning her field. I would recommend her to anyone who is dealing with ongoing pain as an alternative."


     "I have had severe back tightness, neck pain, and overall taxation from being overworked and overstressed. I’ve done conventional medicine as a quick fix and lots of stretching and massage but they were not enough and I would reinjure myself.  I work as a pediatric nurse caregiver and I have a toddler of my own that I have to carry when they are dead weight. 

     "Just like any average American, I am always on the go and with the load that I carried, I find myself compensating a lot with coffee and fast food- or sometimes I skip meals. I sought after Ashley’s treatments because, first and foremost, she’s very personable. She’s a real human being. Unlike the many doctors today that hardly assess you or look at you, Ashley is present. I feel cared for, that I count as a person, and that I am part of her community that she wants to serve. 

     "I received cupping, gua sha, acupuncture, and herbal preparations from her and the results are pretty immediate. Over a span of 3 weeks of treatment from her, I went from wincing as I modify the transfers and activities of my 40 lbs client, to smoothly providing all the activities of daily living. On top of that, I felt like supermom again. I feel refreshed after my treatments and I sleep like a baby those nights. I’ve been recommending my friends already to seek her out."



     "I highly recommend Ashley. She is a very knowledgeable acupuncturist who has an excellent understanding of human anatomy. She listens well and makes a sincere effort to learn about what’s bothering you, and then confidently treats it. I experienced wonderful results from her treatments, and it doesn’t hurt!"


     "Ashley is so smart and kind and has such a giving heart. 5 Stars!!"


     “I began seeing Ashley Davis several months ago for chronic neck and back pain. I also suffer from anxiety and stress, which contribute to the muscular pain in my neck and back. I have seen several MDs, and none of them have been able to help me. The only thing they offered was to throw more prescription medications at me. I had finally had enough of it, which led me to acupuncture. I had tried acupuncture once before with someone else that was highly recommended, but it wasn't a good experience for me at all – and then I found Ashley!

     "Ashley has been extremely successful at lowering my pain, anxiety, and stress levels. She is kind, compassionate, intelligent, and professional! She truly listens to her patients, and she builds a treatment plan just for you. I highly recommend her to anyone considering acupuncture! She is excellent at explaining what she is doing during treatment and what you should expect with her treatment. She is truly passionate about her job, has an amazingly positive attitude, and overall is a great person that cares about you!!!

     “I had once thought acupuncture was a joke and almost wrote it off, but Ashley has changed my mind for good – it definitely works! I cannot say enough how helpful she has been for me, and I'm willing to bet she would be happy to help you too! I am so thankful to have found her!”


     "Ashley is a remarkable acupuncturist. She's friendly, she's caring, and she's a great listener, but what's most important is that she is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough."


     "I have been a patient of Ashley's for almost a year. Her knowledge and care is impressive. She is a wonderful and warm welcoming practitioner! Her treatments always leave me feeling grounded and healthier. I cannot wait to see her new location!"


     “Ashley is a connected and caring practitioner. The day before meeting with Ashley, I was devastated when my Family Practitioner told me that there was nothing she could do to ease my chronic pain (muscle/joint/bone/tissue) & chronic fatigue rooting from my autoimmune disorder. She said that she would ‘just see me next year’.

     “I could barely make a 25-hour work week (after returning from a 3-month leave of absence, all the while having an in-house caregiver due to raw open wounds stemming from rashes covering 70% of my body. I constantly felt like my skin was dipped in acid). I was emotionally raw from enduring nonstop pain for the last year. I was in such bad shape that I could barely move, just walking (more like shuffling my feet) was pure agony. Wearing clothing left me in tears from the pain of bands and straps in contact with my stinging skin.

     “Having two children, I needed to find my own path to healing, as now both my Family Practitioner and my Dermatologist (the ‘expert’ of my autoimmune disorder) told me that I had to live like this, and that ‘her other patients were able to live with it, so should I’. Many months of steroids under her care (topical and pills) had nearly destroyed me.

     “Through online support groups I heard of the Autoimmune Protocol Diet and I started to eliminate inflammatory foods just prior to meeting Ashley. Not once had my practitioners even hinted to inflammatory foods being a key to reclaiming my health. This change helped, but my damage was beyond fixable by food choices alone.

     “The day after my Family Practitioner’s visit, I receive an email at work from the Village of Lincolnshire welcoming new businesses… and Ashley Davis’s office was on the list. I followed the link to her page and saw she was experienced in treating autoimmune conditions!! I felt hope for the first time in a long while. Straight away I booked my free consult for that same day.

     “For the first time in the last year of countless doctor visits and endless blood work and testing, I finally had an office visit with a professional that truly understood every symptom and pain that I discussed. I saw her mind’s understanding in her eyes and in her questions based on my discussion. Like I said, she is connected. She explained how I had overcome one of the biggest hurdles by the diet change and what to expect from the acupuncture treatments and the herbal teas. I left there filled with so much gratitude and hope.

     “In just 4 months, Ashley Davis has given me my life back! Within weeks the chronic pain was barely there, and is now entirely gone. My constant brain fog was gone, my skin outbreaks stopped occurring, my strength was returning, and she rid me of every symptom on my long list: dizziness issues, photosensitivity, sleep quality, returned the flow of movement back to my body, sciatica relief, sound sensitivity, skin discomfort in clothes.

     “After a few more weeks I felt the first layer of my chronic fatigue lifting, and it is still continuously improving. I am strong enough to work 35+ hours, shop for groceries, cook, clean and care as I used to for my children and I am able to begin making good memories with them again! Just yesterday, my son reminded me of how much it had saddened him the year before I met Ashley that he couldn’t hug me because of my pain. In return I gave him the biggest of hugs and smiled from my soul…what a long way this body has come!

     “Ashley, you make this world a better place, for me, my family and countless others. I can honestly say my life is beautiful again from healing this body and mind.

     “The most heartfelt Thank You and highest of recommendations to Ashley Davis.”



     "I highly recommend Ashley as both a highly effective healer and compassionate human being. My experience was exceptional. Ashley expertly synthesizes patient needs with her holistic understanding of the body, and then creates a personally tailored treatment plan. I continue to be impressed with her insight and sophisticated approach. My chronic pain issues were greatly relieved. This enough is reason to book an appointment. However, Ashley also brims with empathy, warmth, and grace. Her humanity and understanding of people ensure an experience of the heart as well as the body."


     "I highly recommend Ashley if you are in need of acupuncture. She is very thorough each time, and I always feel great after my appointment is over. She is also very gentle and comforting which I appreciate because I am not super comfortable with needles."


     "Ashley is phenomenal and I am so grateful for the opportunity to experience her work. She is patient, attentively listens to your chief complaints/concerns, and is very professional. She’s informative and very thorough when explaining her procedures. The treatment was relaxing and I felt instant relief afterwards. I am most definitely going to become a returning client!"


     "Ashley has completely improved my quality of life. I was having several hot flashes a day, as well as waking up with night sweats. After just 3 sessions, I have zero hot flashes. I recommend her to everyone I know!"


     "I am 11 months post a major surgery that removed my sternum and parts of my ribs and clavicles. My daily pain level has been at a 4, 5 or above. I have rarely been able to get down to a 3. Today after seeing Ashley, we got down to between a 2 and a 3. If you are on the fence, try it. I am VERY happy with my results, and I will be back."